Aek Chabhi Hai Padoss Mein Cast Real Names with Images

Sandeep Shukla aka Varun Badola

Aek Chabhi Hai Padoss Mein Cast Real Names with Images information and details has been provided here. Aek Chabhi Hai Padoss Mein was first aired on 25th November, 2006 and went off air on 25th July, 2008 after completion of 436 episodes. Sonu Nigam, a popular singer of India has sung them song. So, let’s read brief details, cast real names and photographs.

Brief information and details on Aek Chabhi Hai Padoss Mein

  • First episode: 25th November, 2006
  • Last episode: 25th July, 2008
  • Total numbers of episodes: 436
  • Theme song by: Sonu Nigam

Aek Chabhi Hai Padoss Mein Cast Real Names with Images

Sandeep Shukla aka Varun Badola

Sandeep Shukla real name is Varun Badola

Urmila Mehta aka Suhasi Goradia DhamiUrmi – Urmila Mehta real name is Suhasi Goradia Dhami

Zoya Ali aka Anchal Sabharwal

Zoya Ali real name is Anchal Sabharwal

Rahul Gupta aka Vishal KotiyanRahul Gupta real name is Vishal Kotiyan

Jugle Singh aka Manoj GoyalJugle Singh real name is Manoj Goyal

Mushtaq Ali aka Ujjwal Chopra Mushtaq Ali real name is Ujjwal Chopra

Hari real name is Vipul Tyagi

Shuklaji real name is Vishwa Mohan Badola
Bashir Ali real name is Ahmed Khan
Gyaniji real name is Anoop Kamal Singh
Guptaji real name is Rakesh Pandey
Sukha Singh real name is Rohitash Gaud
Rasik Mehta real name is Jiten Mukhi
Ratiram real name is Sushil Parashar
Rangeela real name is Jarnail Singh
Naresh Gupta real name is Pawan Chopra
Saurabh Ghosh real name is Ashiesh Roy
Sagar real name is Ravi Gossain

Gayatri Gupta real name is Mohini Sharma
Pammi Singh real name is Nupur Alankar
Mohua Ghosh real name is Anuradha Gupta
Rose D’Souza real name is Amrita Nangia
Zeenat Ali real name is Bhakti Narula
Sujata Mehta real name is Sujata Thakkar
Hari’s Mother real name is Meenakshi Sethi
Sona real name is Kavitta Rathod
Kavita Gupta real name is Sajani Shrivastava
Sudha Waghmare real name is Upasana Shukla
Sharmila Mehta real name is Akshita Kapoor

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Article last re-published on January 28, 2016.

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