Add A Luxurious Touch To Your Home Interior By Using These Simple And Cheap Tricks

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Who doesn’t want a beautiful and luxurious home that looks like royalty? Everyone! But let’s face it, not everyone can afford to make such a home. However, adding a luxurious touch to a home design doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg on Your Home Interior. There are ways in which you can spend less and still be able to bring a touch of luxury and elegance into your home. 

We will guide you on such simple tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your home to add luxury to it. Our inspiration will be an interior design portfolio by Swiss Interior. Swiss Interior is a leading interior design company of Singapore which excels in creating smart interior design solutions according to the clients’ preferences and requirements.  

So now, let us take a look at some of these amazingly simple ideas and tips through which you can add luxury to your home in a relatively inexpensive way.

Use A Light Gray Theme

The first thing that you need to consider is to choose a light gray theme for the entire house. You have to choose a particular color for the theme in any way, so it won’t cost you anything extra. Just choose a light shade of gray and get all the furniture and fabrics of that shade. Light gray shade automatically gives a very soothing, elegant, and luxurious effect which, when combined with other luxurious elements, will help uplift the overall aesthetics of the space. As can be seen in the following image of a living room designed by Swiss Interior, the sofa, walls, curtains, and rug all are of a light gray shade. Try to stay away from a lot of patterns and prints and keep things simple and solid colored. As shown in the image, only the rug features a little pattern whereas the sofa and curtain are all plain.

Add Gold Accents And Details

Gold is the color of luxury and royalty. By adding this color in certain elements of the design, you will automatically bring a luxurious effect into the interior. And the idea is not to add to much of it; just a touch of gold here and there. This gold when combined with the light gray interior theme will result in a beautifully classy and royal aesthetics. For example, consider the following image of the home designed by Swiss Interior. Here we see that the designers have created gold accents on the walls which work perfectly well with the light gray walls and interior. The gold accents just add a little touch of golden color to give a luxurious feel.

Choose Some Piece Of Victorian Furniture for Your Home Interior

We all know that Victorian furniture adds an effect of luxury and royalty to any interior. We also know that Victorian furniture is expensive. So instead of opting for Victorian furniture for the complete house, just spend less and buy a single piece of Victorian furniture for the room while keeping the rest of the elements modern and contemporary. As an example, look at the following image where we see a Victorian style TV console while all the other furniture is modern. This piece of furniture helps to add a touch of luxury to this design.

Add Just A Few Chic And Royal Decor Items

When it comes to decoration and showcasing, instead of buying a lot of expensive decor items, just opt for a few of those items that signify beauty and elegance. So instead of a lot of expensive decor items on a table, just get one and showcase it on the table. In this way, you spend less but still are able to add that royal decor item to your design. As can be seen in the picture below, a royal looking flower vase is placed on the dining table with a simple and clear backdrop. This has resulted in an even more elegant and graceful interior which would not have been possible if the place was filled with expensive art and decor pieces.


Keep The Kitchen White And Gold for Your Home Interior

The light gray and neutral theme is not just for the living room and bedroom but the same theme should be followed in the kitchen. Even better, choose a white theme for the kitchen and uplift its appearance by adding gold accents. The white interior gives a very clean and fresh aesthetic which when combined with modern lighting and gold accents will transform it into a luxury and royal interior. Consider the following image for a visual representation of how good white and gold look in the kitchen, creating a royal outlook.


Use Sheer Drapes And Add A Dressing Area

Another inexpensive trick to add a luxurious effect in the house is to add sheer drapes along with some silky touch. Keep them plain of a single solid color, again a light shade of gray to keep in line with the overall theme of the house. Complement them with printed and patterned bed linen. This is exactly what has been done in the following interior design by Swiss Interior. We can also see that they have added a partition in the bedroom to create a separate dressing area. The printed rug, floral stool, and the gold accents in the dressing area create a royal luxury which cannot be matched!


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