Adam Rippon, Ex Olympian Announces Engagement With Boyfriend

adam rippon engaged
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Love is surely in the air around former Olympian skater Adam Rippon. As the lockdown came to an end, he announced his engagement.

Adam Rippon, the 31-year-old skater, posted his beautiful long love story with Jussi-Pekka Kajaala. Jussi is from Finland. The couple got engaged in December.

Quarantine longing finally came to an end for Adam Rippon

Former Olympian Adam Rippon said that he and his boyfriend had not seen each other for almost a year due to pandemic. After the lift-off of the lockdown, he did not wait for a moment and went to Finland to Jussi. They were together there for two months and even more.

Rippon said that he had crack give a million jokes, which he would love to pitch for their NBC comedy in the Zoom meetings. Jussi drives Rippon to the Finnish forest. Jussi is building his cottage there. They both shovel snow to work for it.

Adam Rippon and Jussi exchanged ring in the perfect atmosphere in Finland in December

The atmosphere was perfect for them. Even they finished binging the whole season of  The Crown. Only which was left was the final engagement of them. They bought themselves the rings and said the magical words that they were engaged in.

Jussi-Pekka posted their engagement pictures on Instagram. He made the caption short and straightforward as “No woman no cry.”

Adam made his relationship with Jussi official way back in April of 2018. He shared a picture of both of them standing without shirts on the Los Angeles hilltop. He captioned it with “Good boys Finnish FI first.”.

Adam Rippon talked about his love story in the “TODAY” show off NBC. Rippon and Kajaala met on a dating application in 2017. The skater had gone to Finland for a competition there then.

The star athlete Rippon met his boyfriend in Finland in a dating app

The winner of the famous show “Dancing with the Stars,” Adam Rippon, said he and Jussi chatted for long hours. They got to know each other during the next six months. Rippon felt like they had a forever understanding between them without even meeting before.

Next year they met in Los Angeles when Jussi travel to Los Angeles to meet him.

Adam Rippon, now retired from his Olympic career, is concentrating on his comedy series on NBC. The show is also about skating, as Variety reported.

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