A review of football betting strategies

football betting strategies

Football is the most popular sport in the world, so novice players are recommended to bet on it. Bookmakers offer high odds for football tournaments, many options for betting, and professional bettors successfully apply a wide variety of strategies to make a profit. In this article, Telecomasia.net will take a look at some proven football betting strategies.

Betting on a draw

Bookmakers do not base their odds solely on the likelihood of success of one of the teams. They take into account what the majority of players will bet. Bettors avoid the draw, which is not uncommon, preferring to bet on one of the opponents to win. Therefore, in football gambling, the odds on a peaceful outcome of a match are often inflated. A draw is the most common outcome:

  • in friendly confrontations (for coaches and football players such matches are not fundamental, therefore the game is not in full force, and sometimes a second squad appears on the field);
  • at the end of the season, when the clubs from the middle of the table play among themselves (they do not need to score points, since they will not leave the championship and will not get into the European cups).

At the same time, professionals, when speculating on a peaceful outcome, prefer to use the system betting. This approach minimizes risks. Three to five matches are selected for gambling, in which a draw can happen with a high probability.

This strategy has one drawback. To use it, you must be well versed in this sport, constantly monitor statistics and past club matches.

Betting strategy for totals

Gambling on the number of goals over or under a certain number is one of the most popular offers of bookmakers both among beginners and professionals. To use this strategy, you too need to be a football fan who watches matches frequently.

Here are some tips to help you earn money by gambling on totals:

  1. Pay attention to important matches. A lot of goals are often scored when both teams need only to win. In these cases, the opponents take more risks, play more aggressively and are constantly on the attack. The derby is a perfect example of this kind of game.

To select suitable games, pay attention to the positions of the teams in the standings, study the statistics of oppositions and the history of clubs. So, fans know that Real Madrid and Barcelona have been long-standing rivals for many decades. Therefore, there are usually many goals in their games.

  1. Friendly matches are best avoided. Teams can play either 0-0 or 3-3, the result is usually difficult to predict.

As you become more accurate in predicting football matches, you can try gambling on the goal range (0-1, 2-4). The risk here increases compared to bets on Over or Under, but the odds are much higher.

First Half

In most cases, teams score fewer goals in the first half than in the second. This information will help you beat the bookmaker more often.

Performance depends on the players’ fatigue and loss of concentration. The bottom line is that defenders are more likely to make mistakes, and therefore the forwards have more chances to create dangerous chances and goals. Knowing this, you will be able to find overrated events.

The bookmaker, having analyzed the statistics, understands that the probability of a goal in the first half is small, and therefore the odds for this event are rather high. The bettor’s task is to find a match in which the chances of hitting a goal in the first 45 minutes are greater than in other matches. This happens in the following cases: 

  • The leader of the championship meets with the underdog;
  • One of the teams lost key defenders due to injuries or too many yellow cards and was forced to put second-team players in defense;
  • Both teams prefer aggressive play.

Betting on yellow cards

In every match, players break the rules, so almost all bookmakers offer bets on Over or Under a certain number of yellow cards. Below we will tell you how to correctly bet on this offer.

Each national championship has its characteristics. So, in England, they play very hard, so the referees allow athletes to fight for the ball and show yellow cards only in extreme cases. Therefore, in the Premier League, there are rarely more than 2-3 cards per match.

In the Spanish championship, referees tend to severely punish players for even minor violations. On the official website of La Liga, you can see the statistics of the yellow cards of each club and make sure that their number is much higher than that of the teams from the Premier League.

When opponents from different championships play among themselves in European competition, the chances of getting cards increase. If you want to bet using this strategy, pay attention not only to the teams’ past games but also to the referee’s statistics.

The Martingale system

The strategies described above assume that the bettor has experience watching games and have some knowledge. However, this method is suitable even for those who do not understand sports yet and are just starting their way in gambling. The Martingale strategy was developed for casinos, but it can also be used in football betting if you follow these recommendations:

  1. Bet on events with odds higher than 2.00.
  2. If you lose, double your next bet.
  3. If you won, return to the original amount.

This simple approach will allow you to win back losses and generate income, even if you are inexperienced. However, it is better to have a stock of 8 or 10 bets and choose bookmakers with high betting limits.


By sticking to the strategies, described in this article, even beginners might start understanding how gambling work and start building up their own bank. Watching the games is going to become a much more interesting and intriguing event. But don’t forget, that sometimes your lucky streak might stop, so you need to make balanced decisions with your finances.

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