A Guide to Routing Software for Trucks

Routing Software for Trucks

Fleet Routing software is used to create an optimized route for your truck. It can help you keep track of your truck’s fuel economy apply for a fuel card, cost per mile and other factors to help you increase profits. Routing software can also be used in conjunction with a GPS system and/or telematics device so that you can make sure your drivers are keeping within company guidelines.

What is routing software for trucks?

Routing software is a software program that uses GPS to calculate the most efficient route for a truck. It does this by calculating the distance, elevation changes, and traffic conditions along the route. This allows you to plan your trip before you leave.

When using fleet routing software on your smartphone or laptop, it will use data from other drivers who have been that way before so it can give you an estimated time of arrival (ETA) at each stop along your route. It also uses real-time information about traffic jams and accidents so that if there is something blocking traffic ahead of you, it will be able to alert you so that you can take an alternate route or wait until it clears up before continuing on with your delivery schedule.

Why use routing software?

Using routing software to plan your truck’s route can help you save money and improve safety.

  • Minimize fuel consumption: It’s no secret that trucks consume a lot of fuel, which means they produce a lot of emissions. Reducing these emissions is important for the environment as well as your budget; it will also improve driver safety because you’ll be able to drive faster and more efficiently on the road.
  • Save money: If you’ve ever priced out a long-haul trucking trip, then you know it’s not cheap! But with fleet routing software that calculates precise routes based on fuel efficiency, distance traveled, and other factors (like speed limits), you can reduce costs while minimizing downtime in between deliveries. This means less wasted time or space in warehouses or other rest areas; this also means fewer miles per gallon per load hauled across country highways—which ultimately helps keep overhead costs down as well as reduce pollution levels overall.

How routing software works

Routing software is a very powerful tool for trucking companies. It can help them to make better decisions about how to allocate drivers and trucks, how to distribute loads between those vehicles, and where to send those vehicles. Route optimization is made easy with companies like Geotab. It’s also helpful in calculating routes that are optimized for time or cost—or both! 

Benefits of routing software for trucks

Routing software for trucks is an essential tool that every truck driver needs. The benefits of routing software are:

  • Time and money savings: With the right routing software, you will save time and money by reducing driver fatigue, preventing drivers from getting lost, and reducing fuel costs.
  • Reduced emissions: By using a route optimized by routing software for trucks, you can reduce your CO2 emissions which helps improve air quality in our cities.

There are a variety of different routing software for trucks that you can use. Depending on what kind of trucking company you run, some will be better than others. You need to make sure that the one you choose has all the features necessary for your company and fits with your existing technology structure. If you’re looking at buying new trucks, it’s important to consider how they’ll affect your fleet operations before making any large purchases.


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