A Foodie’s Guide to Eating in LA: The Best Neighborhoods for Scoring a Great Meal

Foodie's Guide to Eating in LA

Are you going to LA but feel a bit overwhelmed by the sprawl of the city? Just looking for some good food but have no idea where to start? There are plenty of guides that can pinpoint delicious restaurants, but it’s easier to go through some of the best neighborhoods for food when eating in LA.  Traveling in LA takes time, and that’s time you could be enjoying a delicious meal or finding your next favorite restaurant. Here is a Foodie’s Guide to Eat in LA and its neighborhoods for Scoring a Great Meal.

Downtown/Arts District

The greater downtown area has tons of amazing options for food. Not only will you find some of the best LA restaurants here, but also plenty to do and see while you’re at it. This area has burgers, open-air markets, and more.

Not only is it a central area of LA, but right around the corner is Little Tokyo and Chinatown, where you can find some delicious ramen or dumplings. You can find menus worthy of Michelin ratings and something for everyone.


Koreatown is one of the essential neighborhoods for eating in LA. You can find Korean BBQ and much more with so many restaurants to visit. No matter what you’re looking for, if it’s some comfort food or seafood, you can find it in Koreatown.

If you’re looking for a Korean-owned restaurant serving an authentic Philly cheesesteak, visit these locations. Other restaurants to visit include Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong and POT.


Want a great breakfast spot to spend the day? Look no further than Pasadena.

You can find crepes, ice cream, and then have dinner at a delicious Chinese restaurant, or you can grab Mexican or Italian cuisine, all within the same neighborhood. Pasadena allows you to escape a little bit of the city rush and find some hidden gems.

San Gabriel Valley

And if you’re in Pasadena, you might as well also visit San Gabriel Valley for amazing Chinese, Taiwanese, and other Asian-based foods.

You can find banh mi sandwiches, dim sum, and even great tacos, all in one area. Check out the original Din Tai Fung, Yang’s Kitchen, and Taco Lita.

Beverly Grove

If you’re craving Mediterranean or European food, head to Beverly Grove for some excellent restaurants with major star quality.

You may have to work a little to avoid some touristy spots, but it’s worth your while to wade through it all for some of the delicious spots housed within Beverly Grove. Try restaurants like Animal, Trois Mec, and Spoon by H. 

Eating in LA for All

When you’re planning what and where you’re eating in LA, it’s almost easier to start with where you are than where you should go. There are so many excellent LA restaurants that you’re practically guaranteed to find some incredible food near spots you want to go. But if you’re traveling for the Los Angeles restaurants, this should help get you started.

If you found this helpful in finding your next favorite spot, check out our blog for more good culinary advice. 


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