9 Benefits of Remote Online Notarization

9 Benefits of Remote Online Notarization

While Remote Online Notarization, or RON, might be a new concept to some people, it offers advantages over physically notarizing papers.

Thanks to audio-video, digital signature and digital certificate technologies, you may perform your notarization sessions online rather than in person. RON is now a practical alternative for Notaries Public as internet connectivity and technology become more widely accessible and inexpensive.

If you are a Notary Public, consider these advantages before using a RON platform for your notarial practice. These advantages can encourage you to make the switch and discover why so many Notaries Public across the country are embracing this new approach.

What is remote online notarization?

Remote online notarization or RON is the process of having a state-licensed notary public notarize a document electronically utilizing electronic signatures and other technology.

In other words, RON is a method by which a notary public performs their duties digitally and in accordance with all legal requirements, without needing to get a document notarized in person.

Here are the benefits of remote online notarization.

  1.   Your safety comes first

You can notarize documents on an all-in-one RON platform from the comfort of your home and at any time on any device. There is no need to be concerned about meeting clients in unfamiliar locations.

  1.   Work effectively and from anywhere

The Notary Public can conduct a RON session from the comfort of their home and locations as far apart as the state’s boundaries. Increase your income potential by notarizing more papers without having to travel.

  1.   Utilize a digital notary journal

When you use remote online notarization, you won’t need to carry the notebook you have used for years. You may feel at ease knowing that a digital notary journal has all the essential information captured and securely kept, protecting you from everything, including flooding in your home to unintentionally misplacing your notebook with all your notarization data.

  1.   Improved customer experience

Meeting a notary in person is still common, although it might take time. However, remote notarization using the internet is far more practical for borrowers. Borrowers may speed up closing and perhaps receive their loan cash faster by setting up an online appointment at a time that works for them using eContracting. The same digital environment may be available to borrowers from application through closing. When customers use remote online notarization, they will refer their friends, relatives and colleagues to you anytime they need a document notarized.

  1.   Securely notarize and sign

The papers you sign and notarize may be even more secure than the physical copies, depending on your remote online notarization provider. You can protect yourself from identity fraud by using digital certificates, identity proving, and credential analysis to ensure the individuals on the other side of the RON session are who they claim to be.

  1.   Reduce your use of paper, ink and postage

Remote online notarization does not need more paper, printing or postage, which completely digitizes the notarization procedure. The FedEx shipping bags, bundles of paper and several empty printer cartridges are all gone. You will be able to benefit from the savings in your bank account thanks to the appreciable decrease in your operational costs.

  1.   Error notification

It’s simple to make mistakes with paper-based processes and much simpler to forget a signature. remote online notarization is less likely because incomplete or inaccurate fields are reported. This enables the client to fix mistakes to prevent delays proactively.

  1.   It has a more sustainable process

Because most applications require printing tens or even hundreds of pages of paper, remote online notarization has significant environmental advantages. If all notarizations were performed online, the roughly 2 billion sheets of paper used during the mortgage procedure might be significantly reduced.

  1.   Everything is processed more quickly than it usually takes

Unprecedented levels of efficiency are only one of the many benefits of remote internet notarization for lenders. Due to their reduced travel time, notaries may certify more papers more quickly. Furthermore, quicker turnaround times could benefit from fewer mistakes. With an end-to-end digital process, all closing documents may be signed, notarized and processed on the same day.

Remote online notarization is a significant advancement since it provides businesses—including a wide range of organizations in many sectors—the chance to transform their customer experience completely. This will eventually result in more effective service and happier customers.

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