6 things to know about recruiting agencies

recruiting agencies 

Given the current employment situation, more and more people are desperate to sign a recruiting agency. And more people who sign recruiting agency without even reading the detailed conditions. It is true that it is not a good time to walk with delicacies, and that the important thing is to have a job, but you must always be clear about what is signed when being hired by a company, since recklessness can now leave us expensive in the future. Here are some things about recruiting agencies.

  1. What job will you do?

They are not usually specific to the millimeter because many times the functions of an employee can vary according to the determined strategy of the company, but almost always include functions that will and will not be performed.

  1. How long the recruiting agency lasts?

A temporary job is not the same as a permanent job, and more so now that with the new labor reform, a company will be able to dismiss properly even when it has registered benefits, but the fact that the recruiting firm specifies the time that our employment will last is an advantage when it comes to looking for something else or not getting surprises.

  1. How much money is charged?

In a recruiting agency the annual gross salary is specified, from which we would have to deduct taxes, unemployment and divide as many payments as we have. In some cases, there are variables conditioned on the results obtained by the company.

  1. How they represent me

Each sector usually has a collective agreement that regulates the general working conditions (days of leave for family matters, vacations and other rights). It is important to know which agreement will represent us as workers to know our rights and also our obligations.

  1. When I’ll Have to Work

A recruiting agency must specify the number of hours to be worked based on the hours that are quoted which, although they should, do not always coincide with the hours we actually work. That is, even if we work a full day, if in our recruiting agency we have signed for half a day, it will be the part-time hours that we quote. The recruiting agency must also specify which days we work: weekends, Monday to Friday, one, two or more days a week, etc.

  1. What is my position?

The recruiting agency must respond to your responsibility, to the position you will occupy within the company: manager, seller, officer, etc. This mainly affects the minimum bases that you must quote according to your position.

Temporary contacts

Recruiting agency for the performance of a specific task or service: they are agreed to carry out a specific task or service, the execution of which, although limited in time, has an uncertain duration from the beginning. If the duration exceeds one year, 15 days prior notice is required before the end of the task or service to terminate the recruiting agency. If the employer does not provide this notice, the worker is entitled to compensation

Recruiting agency for production contingencies: The objective of this recruiting agency is to comply with the circumstantial requirements associated with the labor market, a registration or an excess of orders. This recruiting agency cannot last more than 6 months within a 12-month period

Temporary replacement recruiting agency: when it is necessary to replace a worker with the right to retain the position. You must specify the worker replaced and the reason for the replacement

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