6 Foundation Tips To Make It Last All Day

One of our most common beauty struggles is making our foundation last all day long. No one wants to put in the effort to carefully apply makeup in the morning, only for it to disappear by noon. If this is something you’ve struggled with in the past, you’re definitely not alone!

So, how can you make your foundation last all day? Some experts say it’s all about understanding your skin type. If you find that you often lose your makeup by noon, it might be because you’re using a product that doesn’t really fit your skin. Trying out different foundations and taking note of how long they last on your skin can help you narrow down which ones are worth investing in.

6 Foundation Tips To Make It Last All Day

  1. Clean Your Face Twice

This might be the king of all foundation tips in the world! To make foundation last all day, prepare your skin before application by doing a double cleanse. A proper, deep cleanse will eliminate dirt or any residual dust that can clog pores and promote any breakouts, but most importantly – it will also remove any excess sebum that can make your foundation slide off faster throughout the day.

  1. Choose An Oil-Free Moisturizer

A good, lightweight moisturizer is key to preparing your skin for foundation application. An oil-free moisturizer is a better option if your foundation tends to slide off because it will be less slide-y. Also, if you have dry skin, it will prevent those unpleasant, dry patches that can also ruin your whole effort to create a flawless finish.

  1. Primer Primer Primer!

After you moisturize your skin, you should always apply a makeup primer before your foundation. Primers create a smooth, matte, and even foundation finish. Most primers contain silicon, which helps you achieve a smoother application with better grip.

  1. Skip Fingers – Use A Foundation Brush Or A Beauty Blender

Foundation brushes are key for achieving an even, streak-free finish – and synthetic bristles work best for this purpose. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a good quality brush set though – I’ve found that the cheaper options work just as well and there’s no reason to overpay. Here are some of the best brush sets I’ve found on Amazon:

  1. Always Dust With A Little Bit Of Loose Powder On Top

When your goal is to make your foundation last the entire day, always go for a loose powder as your finishing touch. This will help create a soft layer that will lock in your foundation and prevent it from fading away. To avoid a cakey look, use a very lightweight and translucent powder. A little bit goes a long way, and you can always touch up later if needed.

  1. Never Skip Setting Spray

Makeup setting sprays can work wonders in keeping your foundation intact! I don’t use them every day (the tips I mentioned before seem to be enough), but if I’m going to an event, this definitely helps to keep that carefully applied makeup in place.

By following these foundation tips, you can make your foundation last all day long! The key is to use properly layered skincare products and to choose certain products that help you maintain your desired look.

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