5 Things to Know Before Renting a Yacht

renting a yacht

Looking for things to do in Lake Michigan?

Sailing on a lake is one of the popular things to do in Lake Michigan. For that, you need a vessel that you can cruise in, such as a renting a yacht.

These vessels provide various options for you to pick from. Before going for a rental, you might need to take note of some tips and pointers.

Today, we will look at some tips and pointers when renting a yacht. These can help you prepare and make the experience as perfect as possible.

1. Purpose of the Yacht

A starting point when booking a yacht rental would be what you need it for. They can come in two common options depending on the purpose of the rental.

One of the options is for a bareboat rental. In this case, you will be the one operating the boat. This would work best for those with experience in seamanship.

Skippered rental gives you a crew. The crew size would vary as you would either have a skeleton crew for the bare essentials. You may also have a whole crew designed for maximum luxury.

2. Passengers and Crew

As yachts have different models and designs to choose from, they can fit as many as 1000 guests. Figuring out this aspect allows you to decide on the type of yacht to rent.

For a family cruise on the ocean, you don’t need a yacht that big. You do need a crew that can help you out, which is another matter to look at.

For a party that would involve many guests, you need to take the guests and the crew into account. The spacing needs to hit a sweet spot where you aren’t too cramped or too spread out.

3. Sail or Engine Power?

The power source is another crucial factor to consider. Do you prefer going to sea with the wind on your sails? Would you rather opt for a yacht that cuts through the water with an engine to propel it?

The usual choice would be for an engine-powered yacht due to convenience and for space. Sailing rigs can take up a lot of space, not to mention the act of sailing is more of an acquired taste. If you like the idea of using sails, you can choose that option.

4. Where is the Yacht Going?

Consider your destination when choosing a yacht. This is something you would need to discuss with the charter. Plotting the destination will tell you how long and how many times you need to stop. (wheatonsportcenter.com)

You can check out these yacht charters for some ideas on where to set sail. Chicago Private Yacht Rentals offers the most luxury vessels for your lake trip.

5. Duration and Price

The cost to rent a yacht would involve various factors. This involves the boat itself in terms of size and brand, as well as how long you would be on it.

This also accounts for the crew that will join you. For more information, get in touch with the yacht charter and work your way from that point.

Try Renting a Yacht Today

Renting a yacht for your vacation opens up a path towards luxury. You may choose to venture on your own if you have experience in seamanship. For a beginner, go at it with a crew to help.

Looking for more fun activities to do with the family? Check out our other blog posts for more guides and suggestions.

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