12 Types of Cranes for Most of The Industrial Purposes

Industrial cranes are a mandate in large scale industries for how it minimises manual load and maximises efficiency at the same time. From food industries to pharmaceuticals to coal mines, cranes are needed in some way or the other at most of the places. Considering this, here are the types in it provided by different industrial crane manufacturers to make it easy to identify the crane for your industry need. 

Single Mast Stacker Crane

This crane optimally follows the rail system. Here, the industrial crane manufacturers derive a machinery with vertical mast, moving along a rail system. This crane is ideally suitable for medium-height storage purposes. Used in metal handling industries and car manufacturing industries, these cranes are particularly helpful for picking light-weight loads from heights. Such cranes facilitate warehouses and storage facilities. 

Double Mast Stacker Crane

For this, the industrial crane manufacturers use a couple of vertical masts for the lifting and shifting process. This increases the stability of the load capacity and initiates heavier weight lifting. This machinery is less limited to aisle size, making itself an ideal option for heavy lifting in industries and warehouses. These reach taller storage heights, thus improving the overall performance within the industry. Such cranes are generally used for heavy loads in sensitive areas. 

Multi-Mast Stacker Crane

This stacker crane has immense load-bearing capabilities because of the multiple cranes for better command. For this, the industrial crane manufacturers design the mechanism based on the demand of the industry. This can have triple crane or more for improving the stability. These vertical masts can even reach compact spaces much easily. Such cranes channelise high-bay warehouses and distribution centres for multiple demands.   

Bridge Stacker Crane

This industrial crane is ideally used in industries needing multiple storage aisles at once. Here, the stackers can access multiple storage at once, thus picking from both sides of the aisle. With this, it also enhances the efficiency of the warehouses consisting of narrow aisle layouts. These stackers are used for bulk storage purposes such as limestone picking, coal extracting areas, warehouses etc. This enhances the efficiency and is a reliable source for areas needing mass storage picking and commuting at one place. 

Rail-Mounted Stacker Crane

If you are looking for precise and controlled shipment through cranes within your industry, then this industrial crane can be ideally helpful. Such cranes particularly consists of a rail track that is curated within a warehouse or industry. This track is embedded on the floor of the space. The best part is how it assists in controlled movement of the items with accurate positioning. Pick professional industrial crane manufacturers that can assist with the monitoring and functioning of the mechanism, so that it performs on command. 

Guided Mast Stacker Crane

The core purpose of stacker cranes is to lift and guide the storage items to the next space. Here, the guided crane utilises robotic mechanisms so that it follows a given track and functions accordingly. This guided mechanism reduces swaying and improves stability of the machinery. This makes lifting and stacking of the items smooth within the industry. With this, the guided stack makes it very helpful to operate in high-scale industries. 

Fork Stacker Crane

This stacker crane consists of a fork-like structure on the arm. The clamps or the forks assist in handling palletized loads much easily. This gives a fine grip to unit-load picking and handling of the storage racks through compact and assorted spaces. Such cranes are mostly used in warehouses and construction sites where heavy and multiple quantity has to be picked at once. 

Mini Load Stacker Crane

This stacker crane is ideal for restricted warehouses for handling small items like cartons, totes, trays, etc. This machinery is customised by the industrial crane manufacturers looking at the demand of the industry and the kind of goods that have to be lifted and shifted. This mechanism is not used for heavy materials as the small size does not assist in the same. 

Radio Shuttle Stacker Crane

This mechanism provided by the industrial crane manufacturers is particularly for the large areas requiring high-tech and heavy lifters. Here the stacker crane has the ability to pick heavy loads. At the same time, it is accompanied by radio shuttle system. This improves the efficiency of the handles, and helps to retrieve the loads stored. This is helpful in handling pallet racks with the help of automated shuttles.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Stacker Crane

AGV stacker crane is one of the most used cranes in most of the industries. Here, mobile stacker cranes are formulated along with the given guided paths. This creates a routine within the industry or the warehouse. Such cranes offer more flexibility in material handling. The machines have two ends with picking up and retirecal of the items. The industrial crane manufacturers use automated mechanisms to instruct the vehicles for the lift and retrieval of the item. 

AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) Stacker Crane

This is a larger part of the AS/RS system. Cranes are configurated and integrated with conveyor systems. This system manages the warehouse management software. It recurs the process of lifting and retrieval, such that the machinery operates regularly and repetitively. This optimization process largely improves the efficiency of manufacturing within the industry. 

High-Density Stacker Crane

This type of stacker crane is designed to maximise the storage density of compact and restricted spaces. The mechanism utilises algorithms to optimise storage location selection and initiate a quick and accurate lifting and retrieval process. 

These are the different types of cranes provided for the need of the hour. If you are looking for industrial crane manufacturers in town, then Godrej Koerber can be at service. This place pioneers with single and double stack crane manufacturing, making it easy to get automated top-quality services. With high-end duty and mechanism, it is easy to get the crane for optimum functioning. 

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