11 Most Popular dApps in Crypto


The gaming world has been seeing the rise of blockchain technology for a while now. Blockchain technology has moved on, and so have the games! There are dApps (decentralized applications) taking the gaming industry by storm. These decentralized apps offer gamers an experience that is better than non-blockchain games. The competition in the crypto gaming world is high, and developers use their creativity to create some of the best games for crypto lovers.

Trader Joe

Trader Joe is an online trading platform that allows users to trade in-game items and assets across different games. The platform is built on Ethereum and uses smart contracts to make trades happen automatically and instantaneously, regardless of where the two parties involved in a trade are located. Since Trader Joe is built on smart contracts, it doesn’t require users to pay transaction fees or deposit funds into an escrow account before making a trade.

Atomic Assets

Atomic Assets is a platform for creating, buying, selling, and non-fungible trading tokens on the Steem blockchain.

Magic Eden

Magic Eden is an interactive 3D world that lets players buy virtual properties and land using Magic Land Tokens (MLT). Players can build virtual houses and businesses on their properties and earn cryptocurrency by selling their properties or renting them out to other players. Magic Eden has its digital currency called MLT that players can exchange for items within the game’s ecosystem and real-world currencies such as USD, GBP, etc.


Katana is a decentralized exchange for non-fungible tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. Katana allows users to tokenize artworks, in-game items, and collectibles.

Open Sea

Open Sea is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of digital goods like in-game items, collectibles, artwork, etc. 


Upland is another virtual world game where users trade items and play games. The players can own digital real estate buy and sell properties to earn UPX coins, which is then converted into USD.

Alien’s worlds

It is a 3D game where players can breed, collect and trade pet aliens in a fun and interactive environment. Players can also fight their pet aliens in battle arenas against other players’ aliens.


It is a blockchain-based trading card game that has been developed with the assistance of Steemit. The cards can be traded with other users via an online marketplace in this game. Additionally, you can use your cards to play against others in ranked matches for rewards in DEC (Dark Energy Crystals).


PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade BEP-20 tokens, which are tokens that run on the Binance Smart Chain. It also features staking and farming, where users can stake their tokens with PancakeSwap to earn rewards.

Axie Infinity Marketplace

Axie Infinity is a digital pet community. Users can breed, battle, and raise fantasy creatures called Axies on the Ethereum blockchain. The game also features a marketplace where players can buy and sell their Axies using ETH.

Bomb Crypto

Bomb Crypto is an idle game running on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can invest their ETH into different explosives to receive dividends every 24 hours.

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