The 100 All Characters Real Names with Photographs

Clarke Griffin as Eliza Taylor

The 100 All Characters Real Names with Photographs information and details has been provided here. The 100 is one of the most watched television drama which was first premiered on 19th March, 2014 following Arrow. This TV series is based on “The 100” by Kass Morgan. The 100 is developed by Jason Rothenberg.

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Brief Details and Information on The 100 aka The Hundred

  • Production House/Company: Warner Bros. Television, Alloy Entertainment and CBS Television Studios
  • First Episode: 19th March, 2014.
  • Executive Producers: Bharat Nalluri, Jason Rothenberg, Matt Miller, Gina Girolamo and Lesile Morgenstein.
  • Composers: Liz Phair, Evan Frankfort and Marc Dauer.

The 100 All Characters Real Names with Photographs

Clarke Griffin as Eliza TaylorClarke Griffin real name is Eliza Taylor

Octavia Blake aka Marie AvgeropoulosOctavia Blake real name is Marie Avgeropoulos

Finn Collins aka Thomas McDonellFinn Collins real name is Thomas McDonell

Bellamy Blake aka Bobby MorleyBellamy Blake real name is Bobby Morley

Jasper aka Devon BostickJasper real name is Devon Bostick

Councilwoman Dr. Abigail Griffin aka Paige TurcoCouncilwoman Dr. Abigail Griffin real name is Paige Turco

Councilman Marcus Kane aka Henry Ian CusickCouncilman Marcus Kane real name is Henry Ian Cusick

Chancellor Thelonius Jaha aka Isaiah WashingtonChancellor Thelonius Jaha real name is Isaiah Washington

Wells Jaha aka Eli GoreeWells Jaha real name is Eli Goree

Recurring Cast / Characters

Jake Griffin real name is Chris Browning
Raven Reyes real name is Lindsey Morgan
John Murphy real name is Richard Harmon
Commander Shumway real name is Terry Chen
Miller real name is Jarod Joseph
Jackson real name is Sachin Sahel
Lincoln real name is Ricky Whittle
Councilwoman Diana Sydney real name is Kate Vernon

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Article first published on 19th May, 2014. Last updated on 9th November, 2014.

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