10 Baking Essentials for Beginners

Baking Essentials for Beginners

Did you start learning how to bake a mix of delicious treats after COVID hit? You’re not alone. In fact, 46% of American consumers reported baking more.

Another 51% said they’ll continue baking, even after the coronavirus crisis comes to an end.

Everyone’s getting in on the baking frenzy! If you’re interested in discovering how to learn to bake, you’ll need the right tools first. Otherwise, you might struggle to mix and make your favorite treats.

Here are the 10 baking essentials for beginners you’ll need at the ready. With these baking tools, you can become a well-seasoned baker in no time!

Grab your apron and get ready to start baking. Equip your kitchen with this baking for beginners guide today.

  1. Rubber Spatulas and Wooden Spoons

How many times have you grabbed for a spoon, only to realize it’s not big enough for the dough or filling you’re working on? You need the right baking tools to get the job done. When equipping your kitchen, make sure to grab plenty of rubber spatulas and wooden spoons.

You’ll likely need them more often than you realize.

Your spoons will ensure you don’t leave anything delicious at the bottom of a bowl! Otherwise, you might not end up with enough cupcakes for everyone.

Try to look for spatulas that are available in different sizes. You can use each size for different bowls or containers. For example, you can use a smaller spatula to scrape the last bit of peanut butter out of a jar.

Spatulas are great for folding wet and dry ingredients together as well. Consider choosing silicone over rubber, though. Silicone spatulas are a little sturdier.

Do you plan on making a lot of cookies? As you use these baking tips for beginners, consider your favorite recipes. What tools do you often need?

For example, you might need a metal turner. The thin metal is ideal when you need to transfer cookies onto a cooling rack. Using a thicker spatula, on the other hand, could break the cookies.

You don’t want them to crumble!

Don’t forget to add sturdy wooden spoons to your kitchen set, too. Wooden spoons are ideal for thick, heavy doughs. 

  1. A Knife Set

As you review these baking essentials for beginners, don’t forget to fill any gaps in your kitchen. Even bakers need a good knife set. You’ll need a chef’s knife to dice, slice, chop, and mince through your ingredients.

Chef’s knives are all-purpose. Instead of working through a dozen knives, you can use one for almost anything.

Consider working with a paring knife, too. If you need to core and peel an apple, a paring knife can help. The right tools can make baking an apple pie a lot easier!

  1. Measuring Cups and Spoons

The wrong measurements could turn a delicious recipe into a disaster. If you want to discover how to start baking, have your measuring equipment handy. Otherwise, you could waste time and money on inaccurate measurements.

Too much or too little of any one ingredient could impact the entire recipe. You might have to throw your dough out and start over.

Instead, make sure to have plenty of measuring cups and spoons handy. Measuring cups will help with dry and wet ingredients. You’ll no longer have to eyeball your measurements.

Keep your spoons and cups accessible within your kitchen. It’s likely you’ll need them for every recipe, especially new ones. Once you get the hang of a recipe, then you can start eyeballing. 

  1. Rolling Pin

What recipes are you eager to try this year? If pie, cookies, or pastries are on your list, you’re going to need a rolling pin.

You can use a rolling pin for far more than dough, though. They’re also great if you need to crush chips or crackers into smaller pieces. You can use these chunks as toppings for your favorite recipes.

There are even patterned rolling pins available for eye-catching cookies!

  1. Wire Rack

You’ll need to give your cookies, cakes, and other delicate treats a chance to cool. Otherwise, they might overbake within their pans. As you work through these baking tips for beginners, consider buying a cooling rack.

A wire rack will give your baked treats the chance to cool at room temperature. 

Where do you plan on putting your baked treats once you’re done? Consider using smart baker cupcake stands to show off your work. You can equip yourself with the tools you need for creating the perfect treats!

  1. Baking Pans

Baking is an amazing hobby to develop when you have the right tools handy. Without baking pans, however, you might struggle. 

Consider getting a few different shapes and sizes. For example, you can use rectangular baking pans for brownies or cookie bars. A few different round pans can help you make a layer cake.

Don’t forget to grab a loaf pan for your favorite banana bread recipe, too. 

  1. A Mixer

Mixing by hand is a definite workout. Purchasing a stand mixer can give your arm muscles a much-needed break. You can use your mixer to create batter, dough, and frosting.

  1. Mixing Bowls

Once you have a mixer, make sure you have plenty of mixing bowls ready, too. Searches for the word “bread” skyrocketed on Google in 2020. Before you start kneading and baking, you’ll need to begin mixing.

Have different-sized bowls ready to keep your wet and dry ingredients separate.

  1. Sifter

Do you need to sift your dry ingredients like flour, sugar, or cocoa? Have a hand-crank sifter in your kitchen! A sifter will help you get rid of any lumps within your ingredients. 

  1. Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen scissors can help you cut parchment or fresh herbs for delicious loaves of bread. You might need them to open your ingredient packages, too. 

Mix It Up: 10 Delicious Baking Essentials for Beginners

With these baking essentials for beginners, you can set yourself (and every recipe) up for success. Don’t work without them! Instead, equip your kitchen with the tools you need and discover how to start baking today.

Searching for more useful tips and tricks? We’re here to help.

Explore our latest guides today to get started.

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