Jai Hanuman TV Series Cast Real Names with Photographs

Jai Hanuman TV Series

Jai Hanuman TV Series Cast Real Names with Photographs information and details has been provided here. Jai Hanuman was the most popular Hindu mythology based TV serial which was broadcast on DD Metro and later on Sony Entertainment Television in 2008. It was created, directed and produced by Sanjay Khan.

Jai Hanuman
Jai Hanuman

Jai Hanuman TV Series Cast Real Names with Photographs

Anjana real name is Falguni Parekh
Kesari real name is Deepak Jethi
Bal Hanuman real name is Kavin Dave
Dashratha real name is Deep Dhillon
Hanuman, Shiva real name is Raj Premi
Mata Sumitra real name is Mangala Kenkare
Rama real name is Siraj Mustafa Khan
Mata Gouri, Mata Mandodari real name is Sonia Kapoor
Lakshman, Arjun real name is Manish Khanna
Mata Kaushalya real name is Roma Manik
Mata Kaikeyi real name is Maya Alag
Ravana real name is Anil Yadav
Mata Sita real name is Shilpa Mukherjee
Goddess Laxmi real name is Jaya Bhattacharya

Tulsidas real name is Rohitash Gaud
Maharishi Valmiki (earlier episodes) real name is Irrfan Khan
Sage Narada real name is Raju Kulshreshtha
Malyavan real name is Sunil Bob Gadhavali
Vishrava real name is Arun Bali
Bharat real name is Rahul Khetarpal
Kaikasi real name is Utkarsha Naik
Bali real name is Nimai Bali
Shri Krishna real name is Ravi Kishan
Angad real name is Amit Pachori
Maharishi Valmiki real name is Sudhir Dalvi
Sulochana real name is Ritu Deepak
Bhagwan Vishnu (earlier episodes) real name is Sudhir Mitto
Parshurama real name is Raman Khatri
Indrajeet real name is Raman Khatri
Sage Vishwamitra real name is Sunil Singh
Mali real name is Anupam Shyam Ojha
Jatayu real name is Ravi Chawala
Gunasunder real name is Raman Khatri
Janaka real name is Pradip Sharma
Sumali real name is Chand Dhar
Mata Sita (later episodes) real name is Meenakshi Gupta
Vayu real name is Nimai Bali

Brief Information and Details on Jai Hanuman TV Series

  • Director: Sanjay Khan
  • First Episode: 1997
  • Last Episode: 2000
  • Total Episodes: 178
  • Producer: Sanjay Khan
  • Broadcast on: Sony Entertainment Television Channel

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Article Title: Jai Hanuman TV Series Cast Real Names with Photographs
Article last re-published on August 14, 2017.

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