Shaka Laka Boom Boom All Characters Real Names with Images

Shaka Laka Boom Boom All Characters Real Names with Images information and details has been provided here. Shaka Laka Boom Boom was first aired on 19th August, 2000 and went off air on 10th October, 2004 after completion of 492 episodes. It was first broadcast on DD National and again repeat episodes on Star Plus.

Brief Information and Details on Shaka Laka Boom Boom

  • First episode: 19th August, 2000
  • Last episode: 10th October, 2004
  • Broadcast on: DD National and Star Plus
  • Total numbers of episodes: 492
  • Approx. running time: Twenty four minutes

Shaka Laka Boom Boom All Characters Real Names with Images

Sanju aka Kinshuk VaidyaSanju real name is Kinshuk Vaidya

Karuna/Shoona aka Hansika MotwaniKaruna/Shoona real name is Hansika Motwani

Sanjana aka Reema VohraSanjana real name is Reema Vohra

Tito aka Madhur MittalTito real name is Madhur MittalRitu aka Sainee RajRitu real name is Sainee Raj

Jaggu aka Adnan JPJaggu real name is Adnan JP

Lalita aka Vaishali ThakkarLalita real name is Vaishali Thakkar

Partho aka Nikhil YadavPartho/Poison real name is Nikhil Yadav

Samu real name is Shyam Sundar Mandal
Adult Sanju/Sandros real name is Mamik/Rushad Rana
Fruity real name is Tanvi Hegde
Sanju’s mother real name is Lata Sabharwal
Jhumru real name is Aditya Kapadia

Karan real name is Romit Raaj
Piya real name is Jennifer Winget
Simple (ex) / Jay Rani real name is Chahat Khanna
Simpl real name is Ishita Sharma
Silly Point real name is Ronak Kotecha
Short Leg real name is Mehul
Vijay real name is Jarrar Choudhry
Crystal real name is KK Goswami
Tiger real name is Shehzad Khan
Mangu real name is Jagesh Mukati
School Principal real name is Bharati Achrekar
Neeraj/Student no 107 real name is Kaivalya Chheda

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Article last re-published on August 19, 2016.

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